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Natalie Smolenski

Value, society, technology



Natalie Smolenski

Natalie Smolenski is a startup and non-profit founder and economic anthropologist focusing on how people create value and govern themselves in bottom-up and top-down ways.

Natalie founded and leads the Texas Bitcoin Foundation, a public charity dedicated to original research and education about Bitcoin and political economy. Previously, Natalie co-founded Learning Machine, a SaaS company that built the first Bitcoin-based digital identity wallet and helped launch the decentralized identity movement. She exited Learning Machine to Hyland, where she currently leads business development. She also co-founded the Texas Blockchain Council, a professional trade association representing the Bitcoin industry in Texas. Natalie is also a political and economic anthropologist developing a theory of value. She writes about Bitcoin policy as a Senior Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute.


Congress Moves To Broaden President’s Emergency Powers, Re-Introduce Internet Export Controls

Regulator Shutdown Of Signature, SVB And Silvergate Banks Raises Questions About Neutrality



Designing a Responsible Universal Learning and Employment Record Ecosystem

LER Ecosystem Cover Page.png
Natalie Smolenski on a panel


Natalie is an experienced public speaker able to make complex topics accessible for anyone.

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